ACPI power states

ACPI state Intel state Apple state Description Apple enable signal Power well Since platform
G3 G3 G3C Mechanical off Always on with coin cell battery, main battery or AC adapter *RTC
G3 G3 G3H Mechanical off Always on with main battery or AC adapter *_G3H
S5 S5 S5 Soft off SMC_PM_G2_EN, not asserted when off on battery only *_S5
DeepSx SUS Low power sleep state PM_SLP_SUS_L *_SUS 6-series chipset (Sandy Bridge)
S4 S4 S4 Hibernation (Suspend to disk) PM_SLP_S5_L *_S4
S3 S3 S3 Standby (Suspend to RAM) PM_SLP_S4_L *_S3
S0 S0 S0 On PM_SLP_S3_L *_S0
S0i3 S0I3 Processing instructions PM_SLP_S0_L CPU VCore 100-series chipset (Skylake)

Originally published on 31 August 2021.
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